Kisses 4 Us
Let Kisses 4 Us® ignite or rekindle the romance with your someone special - open the soft, sleek, black box and let the kissing begin!  Randomly choose a kiss card and be surprised on what you might pick - a Hand Kiss, Trail Kiss or even a Woodpecker Kiss!  A combination of fun, flirty and romantic kisses are all included in Kisses 4 Us!  The idea book will give you suggestions on how to use Kisses 4 Us from hiding the cards around the house to drawing a card before leaving for work to celebrating holidays throughout the year!   Roses are lovely, but this unique gift will last forever.
Details:  Each Kisses 4 Us soft-touch laminated box is filled with 30 Unique Kiss Cards-each card contains an explanation of the type of kiss plus, extra trivia, fun facts and tips to enhance your kiss experience; 5 "Create Your Own" Cards; and an Idea Book.
Our Gift Bag Option includes a gloss black alligator embossed Eurotote with hang tag and red tissue paper.
Kisses 4 Us is also sold on Amazon and Etsy.
$ 19.99

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