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Our box of Kisses 4 Us will definitely find a permanent place on our nightstand and add some fun to date night and our everyday routine! Thank you so much, Kim, for introducing me and my husband to fun, new ways to kiss!  Cassie, Stay at Home Cassie blog


Love this game! As a dating coach, I'm always looking for fun things to share with my clients. Kisses 4 Us is a super fun way to add creativity for couples who love sharing intimate moments.                                                                               Erin Tillman, The Dating Coach

"This was SUPER cute! Since my husband and I live such a busy lifestyle I put the box on our coffee table and on the way out the door we pick a random card and act out that kiss!! So adorable and fun and sets a good mood for the day :)"     Anum, Amazon Customer

Cute gift -- lots of fun!    Amazon Customer                                                                                        

"With a nifty box from KISSES 4 US you can truly expand on your repertoire of kissing..... KISSES 4 US is more than a fun way to engage with your partner on the Valentine’s Day. It is a place for some to reconnect with each other, for others to deepen connection that exists, and for many to find compatibility with your partner. This beautifully arranged box is full of ready-to-go kisses and a lot of room for creating and registering your own kisses, too! Don’t stop at what you don’t know. Find courage to explore the possibilities outside the box of your life." Laura, Celebrate Woman Today                         

Loads of fun, a great ice breaker for new romance.                                                Amazon Customer

Cute, not raunchy. These are delightful - silly, flirty, a bit more. A great gift for both recipient and giver. Not too risque, so would be a good gift for the right occasion (wedding shower?) My husband and I have been married for 23 years, and have enjoyed them too.   Amazon Customer

My husband and I are really enjoying this. It is a lot of fun. We would recommend it for dating couples as well.                                                                                       Amazon Customer

"Kisses 4 Us is a classy and fun way to invite romance back into your marriage. It is a simple idea that will invite laughter, love, and nurturing into your marriage today."
Aaron & April Jacob, Founders of

So glad I bought this for my husband for Valentine's Day!                                      Carole, Amazon Customer

Fun Way to Try Out New Kisses-and Learn their History This was a Valentines Day present for my boyfriend of nine months. We had a lot of fun opening the deck and starting to practice some of the kisses.            Amazon Customer

"This might be the greatest game ever made. It a soft laminated sexy box with 30 Unique Kiss Cards-each card contains an explanation of the type of kiss plus, extra trivia, fun facts and tips to enhance your kiss experience. Also has 5 "Create Your Own" Cards and an Idea Book. WOW! Ingenious and Fun."  Anand Bhatt's Red for the Red Carpet Blog

"My order was shipped immediately! The quality of this product is beyond my expectations. I bought this as a Valentine's day gift. I'm excited to see how my boyfriend enjoys it!"         Shemika, Etsy Customer

"Not only do I think this might set off some plot bunnies among the romance writers, but I think this would be a very sweet gift for newlyweds, or couples who are celebrating an anniversary."                                         Sarah, Smart Bitches Trashy Books

"Absolutely beautiful packaging! Lots of care was put into this gift. My husband loves it. A nice way to mix things up!" Megan, Etsy Customer

"Very happy with the product and received the package ahead of schedule!"  Josie, Amazon Customer

I received the item promptly, before the date indicated!! Such a fun gift for a bridal shower. Loved it! Reasonably price. I was also impressed with the seller. She contacted me to make sure I was satisfied! 100%                       Pat, Amazon Customer

"Brought the romance back! Such a wonderful gift!! My husband and I laughed and kissed all night! We even received it just days after purchasing. I'll have to tell all our friends and families about this great kissing game."  Amazon Customer

"My husband and I had a lot of fun, and kisses while playing Kisses 4 Us game."  Amazon Customer

"Thank you for your quick mailing!  Kisses 4 Us was a clever and fun game that both my partner and I had a blast playing. We were laughing and kissing all night. This game will also make for a perfect bridal shower gift. Highly recommend if you enjoy kissing."   Amazon Customer

"A Great Way to Keep Up the Intimacy with your partner.  It helps to remind us that we need to continue to show interest in each other and have fun."     Busy Mama, Amazon Customer

"It’s a fun way to add romance back to your relationship or just do something different"                                                                                         Sarah, The Kissing Booth Blog

"This is the perfect "sentimental" gift! Not to mention the "go to" for a first (paper) wedding anniversary. I bought this for my husband and he LOVED it!! I chose the "gift" option and it came in an alligator embossed bag, with red-tissue paper. The quality of the product shows not only in its uniquness, but also with the ability to "Create your own Kisses." This is one gift that will never be forgotten or go out of style."                                         Nicole, The Couples Club

I definitely scored big points with my wife! What a great product to inspire fun and creative ways to kiss again. We're coming up with all kinds of ways to use it!    Etsy Customer

"Kisses and Giggles Galor!  My husband and I ordered this as an empty nester gift to ourselves and we have had so much fun trying all of the kisses! I'm not sure what we do more of, laugh or kiss! It has brought out the playful and fun side to our marriage! It really has put the flirt back into our relationship! You will LOVE this fun relationship builder, I promise!"                    Suzy, Empty Nest Blessed 

"Love Kisses 4 Us. Its a brilliant way to bring back the romance. It has definitely helped in our marriage. We make it part of our date night as well as our getaways. Thank you for such a brilliant idea."       Jennie, Amazon Customer

Cute gift for bridal showers.. Seller was excellent!!                           Pat, Amazon Customer

"Great and fun way to connect with your spouse!"                   Mandy, Amazon Customer

"This is such a cool product! I ordered this for my boyfriend and I. We have had so much fun with these flirty ideas for kisses you would have never thought of. The box and cards are high quality."        Doris, Amazon Customer

"Unique Gift Idea! Soooo nice!! The box feels like suede and the cards are just as high quality. I have really enjoyed giving these as gifts :)"         Terry, Amazon Customer

"Ooo la la. Can't wait to give this to my husband for our first anniversary"           Jodi, Etsy Customer

"Really love this product! I bought one for my husband and I and we love randomly picking a card and surprising each other with a different kiss. Such an easy way to bring some romance to the relationship. I was a little hesitant to buy at first because I wasn't sure if I'd get much out of it but once we started having fun trying each card I realized how little time we take each day to just have a simple kiss. If you're unsure about buying, I promise you won't regret it!"      Laura, Amazon Customer 

"I just received Kisses 4 Us and love the box! You need to touch it to appreciate the quality. It feels like velvety, soft, smooth suede. The cards are so fun and creative too. I can't wait to give this to my daughter and her husband to celebrate their anniversary!"             Judy, Etsy Customer

"We shared our cards with our marriage encounter circle. Each person went home with their kiss until our next circle in a month. We laughed and look forward to sharing our experience and draw a new card for the next month."          Karen, Amazon Customer

"Cute and clever gift, and I look forward to trying out the kisses with my husband"     Etsy Customer 


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