About Us

During our first 35 years together, my husband was proven to be the romantic one in our relationship. Whether it was spur of the moment poetry or the perfect song with lyrics that seemed to have been written just for us, my husband continually brought a fun romantic spark to our relationship.

That kind of creative romance just didn't come as naturally to me. As our first Christmas as “empty nesters” approached, I decided that I wanted to give him a gift that would return the flirty, yet deeply loved, feeling.

During my search for inspiration, I came across the tagline “Merry Kissmas.” Although it referred to the chocolate variety of kisses, I had my idea - A Christmas Countdown of Kisses!

The first kiss was obvious, as Mistletoe was already one of our Christmas traditions. Then came the Fireplace Kiss, another of our favorites. Both of these kisses - as well as a Staircase Kiss (my husband is taller than me and it allows me to reach him better) were already “our kisses.” I needed more though, so research ensued. I eventually filled a holiday bag with 25 kiss cards. He chose one kiss card at random each day until Christmas.

The gift was a hit! We had fun trying out new kisses while counting down to Christmas and deemed it our new countdown tradition. The cards were unpacked again with the decorations the following year and it was just as much fun.

The best part was that my husband and I realized we weren’t only using the kisses during the Christmas season, but all year long! Sometimes you need an Upside Down Creamy Kiss in the summer too!

We believed other couples would have just as much fun as we did rediscovering the magic of kissing. It took almost a year to put together Kisses 4 Us. The whole family got involved. Talking to our kids about kissing was fun once they got over the shock that their parents were creating a romantic gift item.

The quality and details were deliberately chosen to ensure that Kisses 4 Us is worthy of being gifted to that “someone special” in your life. In addition to the kisses we’ve included, there are blank cards so you can Create Your Own kisses that are uniquely “yours.” Also included is an Idea Book filled with ways to use Kisses 4 Us and keep you kissing all year long, and for any occasion!

Kisses 4 Us® officially launched in 2016 and we have had fun sharing our product with other couples on our website, Etsy and Amazon.  Valentine's Day is our busiest season, however, there is are occasions all year long for couples to celebrate and take time to enhance their relationship with Kisses 4 Us.   



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