Countdown to Valentine's Day with Kisses!

January 02, 2022 Kim Knollmeyer

Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year.  Show your excitement to your partner by doing a Countdown to Valentine's Day this year!

How to Create a Countdown to Valentine's Day with Kisses 4 Us:

1. Kisses 4 Us contains a box of 30 Kiss Cards.  Beginning February 1st and each day until the 14th, draw a Kiss Card with your partner.  On each Kiss Card you will find a unique kiss to try.  Each Kiss Card also has a fun tip or trivia about kissing to enhance your kiss experience. 

2. On Valentine's Day you still have 16 more kisses to try AND 5 Create Your Own Kiss Cards to do with your partner.

Roses are lovely, but Kisses 4 Us lasts forever

 A Countdown to Valentine's Day can be used year after year and become a romantic holiday tradition!

Purchase Kisses 4 Us for only $19.99 on Amazon, Etsy and our website.

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