This Bryant Couple Is Betting on Romance with New Business, "Kisses 4 Us"

July 14, 2016 Kim Knollmeyer

Thank You Shellie Poole for your post in April 15, 2016

Kim and George Knollmeyer announced the startup of their new company, Kisses 4 Us today. Kim created the idea while searching for a fun, flirty, romantic idea to countdown to Christmas three holiday seasons ago. She found 25 different kisses and wrote them on holiday cards, put them in envelopes inside a gift bag and George drew one out each day until Christmas.

The couple was convinced after enjoying their new Christmas countdown kissing tradition that other couples would have just as much fun as they did. They created a high quality box of kissing cards that can be pulled at random for some good old fashioned (and some new ideas!) kissing. And not just at Christmas but all year long.

Kim says that although she and George were convinced that the world could use more kissing one of their concerns was, “Is romance still alive in today’s hectic, tech-filled world?” They came to the conclusion though that many couples would take advantage of the romantic nudge that Kisses 4 Us could provide and they forged ahead with their vision.


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