Kisses 4 Us Review on Stay at Home with Cassie blog

August 07, 2017 Kim Knollmeyer

"The opportunity to review Kisses 4 Us came at the perfect time!  My husband was out of the country for 4 weeks and it was difficult to jump right back into romance!  You anticipate a movie scene of me jumping into his arms when he walks off the airplane, but after 16 years together, 2 small kids, and a 12 hour time difference, reality was he took a taxi home and had just enough energy to play with the kids a bit (they stayed up past bedtime to wait for daddy) and fall into bed!

After a couple days we were ready to open our box of Kisses 4 Us.  I handed my husband the cards and told him to pick out a couple while I put the kids to bed.  When I came back down, I tried to grab the cards he chose and he hid them behind his back saying his choices were a surprise!"

Find out what happened next and how much fun they had using Kisses 4 Us here.

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