Kisses 4 Us® is featured in Daily Mom's 20 Splendid Gift ideas for Women on your "Nice List"

November 14, 2022 Kim Knollmeyer

"Gift ideas for women aren’t reduced to chocolates and flowers. Rekindle romance or ignite the spark this holiday season with Kisses 4 Us. Open the sleek, black box and let the kissing begin. The goal is simple: Kiss, kiss, and more kissing. Everyone wins. Choose one of the 30 cards at random – a Hand Kiss, a Trail Kiss, a Woodpecker Kiss, etc. Each card contains an explanation of the kiss type, trivia, fun facts, and tips to enhance the kissing experience. 

There are five create-your-own cards and an idea book gives you suggestions from hiding the cards around the house to drawing a card before work and more. The creator of Kisses 4 Us originally created the game as a countdown to Christmas with her husband. What will your celebrate with your kisses?"

The Daily Mom

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