How Kisses 4 Us Helped Reconnect a Couple Dealing with Depression from Mommies Reviews

March 14, 2020 Kim Knollmeyer

This review from Mommies Reviews really shows why we created Kisses 4 Us... 

I would like to let you know I had the unique Gift, which was perfect for Valentine’s Day! The new Gift is a game called Kisses 4 Us® This is a box of Fun, Flirty and Romantic Kisses for Making Kissing FUN!

I decided to gift this to my daughter Leslie to give to her husband Toby for Valentines Day as she didn’t have money to purchase a Gift for Toby this year.

Leslie had me keep Elijah and she made dinner for Toby. We picked up his favorite movie and dessert for that evening. Leslie was so excited to do something special for Toby who has been depressed from his Cancer scare and even thought of killing himself.

As a mom this frightened me because I hate seeing my children hurt. If I can bring them a little happiness then that is what I would like to do. I would hate seeing Toby hurting himself or his depression breaking up his family.

When Leslie came to pick up Elijah Toby was with her. Toby hadn’t been out of the house in months. Toby let me know how much he appreciated all we did for him.

Even though he doesn’t like talking about feelings and Leslie doesn’t either they both said Kisses 4 Us broke the ice between them and they was able to talk about there feelings which they hadn’t been doing.

Toby and Leslie made plans for the future and how things can and should change not only in there personal lives but there business lives as well. Leslie let me know she would be purchasing Kisses 4 Us for her best friend who is getting married soon.

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