First 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Review with Little Helpers in Life

September 10, 2019 Kim Knollmeyer

Holiday shopping for your significant other can be so hard. Every year I have the hardest time buying things for my husband because he can buy everything he wants for himself. So, I never know what exactly to get. 

That being said, I always want to make sure to get him fun and interesting gifts that he would have never thought of for himself. A gift that will benefit both of us is always a great gift to me.
Kisses 4 Us is a great game for couples to play. This game comes with thirty "kiss cards" as well as five "create your own kiss" cards. Each card has a flirty, fun, or romantic way to kiss your partner. They also have different tips and tricks on them to help you and your partner enjoy the kiss even more. 

This game is super cute, and so much fun. My husband and I have been together for eight years and we both enjoyed it. This would make a great gift for your significant others stocking, or just one you can leave on the nightstand for them Christmas night. 
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You can purchase Kisses 4 Us on Amazon and Etsy.

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