Emmy's Deals: Valentine Round Up 2021 includes Kisses 4 Us!

January 28, 2021 Kim Knollmeyer

This Valentines Day will be a little bit different this year. Depending where you live it depends what restrictions that you may have in your state. I know my state currently has a lot of things shut down at the moment. If you are looking for a fun night at home with your Valentine, I have the perfect game for you.
Kisses 4 Us is a fun game that you can do with your partner. Kisses 4 Us is a Box of fun, flirty, romantic kisses for making kissing fun. This game is perfect for your night in Valentines Date. This came can also be perfect for any date night or enhancing your relationship.
This game comes with 30 kiss cards. Each cards has details on how to do 30 fun, flirty romantic kisses with your partner. Each card contains a fun fact or tip to enhance your kiss experience. The card may have you give a hand kiss, trail kiss or a woodpecker kiss!! You will never know what kiss you will draw.
What is neat is that they have five create your own cards in this deck. Where you can be creative and make your own kiss cards. This is where you can have your fun. The have and idea book where it gives you ideas about kisses for the holidays.
I will have to say that this is a unique game. I do think it's perfect for date night on Valentines Day. This would be a fun way to bring you and your partner together and have a romantic night. If you want to order your Kisses 4 Us for Valentines Day, visit our website, Amazon and Etsy.
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