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September 21, 2019 Kim Knollmeyer

So excited to be included in Mommies Reviews Christmas Gfit Guide 2019!  Glenda said that Kisses 4 Us is "Especially for couples who need to put a little spark in there relationship."

She continued to write, "We all know the longer your married the more chances are you will get bored with your spouse and the romance may leave your relationship. Which is what is happening to David and I.

I hope when David receives Kisses 4 Us that he knows I am making a effort to bring the Romance back into our relationship because I would hate for David to decide he is tired of being married and leaves me for someone else.

Let Kisses 4 Us® ignite or rekindle the romance with your someone special – open the soft, sleek, black box and let the kissing begin!  Randomly choose a kiss card and be surprised on what you might pick – a Hand Kiss, Trail Kiss or even a Woodpecker Kiss!"

Read the complete review here.

You can purchase Kisses 4 Us on our websiteAmazon and Etsy.

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