7 Ideas to bring the Romance for the Holidays from theMRSingLink

November 11, 2019 Kim Knollmeyer

Kisses 4 Us is excited to be included in theMRSingLink's Gift Guide for Couples!  Carissa has 7 Ideas to bring the romance for the holidays.  

"Of course one of the most difficult people to shop for in my life is my husband. The thing is… when we want or need something we normally just get it right then. So when Christmas time comes around we can’t necessarily think of anything we actually need or want."

"Fun games for couples, like Kisses 4 Us® is a great way to start with the very basic – kissing, duh.  Flirty, romantic and innocent (yes, you could play this one around the kiddos), sometimes it’s creating that “spark” where physical intimacy truly begins. You choose a card that has a suggested kiss (like a kiss on the hand) – leave the card somewhere for your partner to find, or use the suggestions from the box for other ways to use the Kiss Cards. It’s a fun, playful and innocently cute gift idea for couples, and even new relationships."

To find out the other 6 ideas from theMRSingLink, click here.

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