Kitchen Kisses

August 26, 2020 Kim Knollmeyer

My husband and I practice what we preach and use our Kisses 4 Us box of Kiss Cards on a regular basis to keep the fun & flirt in our relationship.  We decided to change it up a bit and take the Kiss Cards out of the box!  Having them right on the kitchen counter makes it is easy to pick one up spur of the moment and have a quick kiss to reconnect.  As you use each card, you put it back in the box.  Our goal is to do all 30 kisses this week!

During this challenging time quarantining together, Kisses 4 Us can bring the spark back to your relationship!  By just taking quick moments to draw a Kiss Card really can make a difference in your relationship.

Give it a try!  Kisses 4 Us is available on our website, Etsy and Amazon.

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