Countdown to Christmas with Kisses

November 12, 2019 Kim Knollmeyer

Kisses 4 Us was inspired from an advent calendar idea I had for my husband a few years ago.  Holidays can be crazy and it is easy to be disconnected with your spouse during this hectic time.  Kisses 4 Us is fun, quick way to reconnect each day!

Kisses 4 Us contains 30 Kiss Cards.  Each day during December, take a minute to draw a Kiss Card and enjoy a special moment with your spouse.  It may be a silly kiss to make you laugh, or a romantic kiss to show how much you care.  It's a fun, flirty, romantic way to get through the holidays!  After the holidays are over, make sure you try the rest of the Kiss Cards to celebrate!

Kisses 4 Us is fun to use for the holidays, as well as, the whole year too.  The Idea Book included will show you ways to stay reconnected all year long!

Have fun Counting Down to Christmas with Kisses this year!

You can buy Kisses 4 Us on our website, Amazon and Etsy


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