Halloween Fun

October 13, 2022 Kim Knollmeyer

Halloween Fun can begin with a Vampire Kiss found in Kisses 4 Us! 

Kisses 4 Us is a box of fun & flirty Kiss Cards that can be used year round for various occasions, including Halloween.

Another fun Halloween idea is to watch a Halloween movie with your partner and draw a Kiss Card each time you hear a particular word or words in the movie.  Some examples are:

Halloween:  Draw a Kiss Card when you see a pumpkin, see a knife, hear Michael's breath.

The Thing:  Draw a Kiss Card when anyone drinks, anyone dies, anything is set on fire.

The Shining:  Draw a Kiss Card every time you hear the theme music or Jack says "hears Johnny"

If you want to have some Halloween Fun, order Kisses 4 Us on our website, Amazon or Etsy for only $19.99.


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